Plastic is part of life now for everyone

Plastic has now become the part of our everyone’s life. In every second thing you will find plastic as right now, if you glance around your kitchen or office, you’ll probably realise that you’ve been surrounded by plastic. Plastic bottles, to-go coffee cups, napkins, shopping bags, wrappings, carry containers, single-serve coffee beans, disposable cups, and vegetable bags are among the items on the shelf. These are all instances of single-use plastic items, which are to blame for most of the trash in our planet, particularly the ocean; a marine crab found 20,000 feet below the surface of the Sea Bed was called after the plastic content in its skin.It’s rare that you’ll be able to eliminate all plastic from your life, because plastic has become the part of life, even in super markets you will find mostly items have been packed by the plastic. However, we cannot stop it but we can start some process by reducing the use of plastic and this can be accomplished by avoiding straws, shifting to reusable packaging, and shopping with cloth bags.

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