Plastic Waste Is A Big Problem

Plastic waste is a collection of plastic objects (such as plastic water bottles, any plastic packaging item) in the world that has a negative impact on animals, wildlife populations, and people.

The most common hazard harming the aquatic ecosystem is plastic pollution. It also puts ocean health, food hygiene, public health, ecotourism, and global warming at very high risk. Plastic is used in almost every aspect of our life, from supermarket bags and utensils to water bottles and the wrap of sandwiches. However, our search for comfort has now gone very far, and we are wasting vital resources and damaging the environment by failing to use plastics more effectively. Excess consumption of plastic and poor waste management is becoming a rising problem which is creating a lot of issues such as enabling landfills to overflow, rivers to choke, and coastal ecosystems to be threatened. This has really a negative influence on industries such as tourism, transport, and fisheries, which are important to many countries.

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